Choose From Top Companies to Renew your Two Wheeler Insurance

Choose From Top Companies to Renew your Two Wheeler Insurance


When renewing your two wheeler insurance plan, it pays off to compare the available options. Not only do you end up saving money, you also end up with a better and more practical cover. There are many advantages of comparing when you renew two wheeler insurance. Let us find out what they exactly are. For more visit Smart Business Contract Hire.

Knowing about the key features of the policy

Apart from saving money, you also find the key features of the bike insurance policy. There are some wonderful insurance aggregate websites where, with the help of just a few clicks, you can find a comprehensive list of all the available two wheeler insurance plans. You get to see their prices and also the features at a glance.

Importance of choosing the right policy

But why is it important to know about the features of the policy? There are many reasons behind this. Some of them are:

  • Getting the right cover: Unless you go through the features of the plan, you will not know what kind of bike cover you are buying. It is vital to choose the correct cover when you renew two wheeler insurance online.
  • Knowledge about co-pay: Co-pay is an essential bike insurance factor. It is the percentage of money that you are obligated to pay at the time of a claim. Go through the features of the plan to be aware of the co-pay value/percentage so that you can make an effective claim at the time of an emergency.
  • Knowledge about the insurance provider: The features of the plan also reflect the effectiveness of the insurance provider. A good insurer will definitely offer the best features. It is beneficial to choose the best possible insurer when you renew two wheeler insurance as that will make your insurance cover more effective.
  • Getting the best value for the premium you pay: Last but not the least, you can determine the value you get out of your bike plan if you understand its features. You must aim to get the maximum value for the premium you pay. So understand the features and see whether they adhere to your requirements. If they do, you will automatically get the best value from the bike cover.

Prices and types of policy to choose from

Bike insurance is available in two types:

  1. Third party liability Insurance: A third party liability insurance plan, as the name suggests, only covers the third party expenses. The insurance provider compensates the third party on your behalf for damages sustained due to an accident involving your two wheeler. You do not get any compensation for the damages to your own bike.
  2. Comprehensive Insurance: A comprehensive bike insurance plan offers compensation to a third party, as well as to your own bike. So just like the name suggests, it is a larger and a whole comprehensive cove. It is useful to have, especially if you own a new or an expensive bike.

The prices of the third party cover and the comprehensive cover obviously differ. A third party bike insurance plan is available at a lower price. It is considered to be a basic form of motor insurance. As per the law of India, you cannot ride your two wheeler unless you have a third party cover. A comprehensive cover, on the other hand is optional. It is also more expensive than a third party cover, but it is useful for the number of benefits it offers Smart Used Car.

You have to be very careful when choosing the type of bike cover during renewal. If you have a comprehensive cover presently but feel it is excessive, downgrade to a third party plan. The opposite also applies.

The final word

Keep all the points mentioned above when you renew two wheeler insurance online. Do not forget to compare the various insurance plans from the top general insurance companies. You will surely find a good plan at a more reasonable rate if you compare. And like we’ve stated already, comparing also helps you to find out the features of the different plans. It is absolutely vital for you to understand the features of bike insurance as only then can you find the most appropriate bike cover.

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