Creative Tips to Save Dollars on Promotional Items

Creative Tips to Save Dollars on Promotional Items


Every purchase you make for decorating your home or buying a window solution or even a small appliance, you need to have a budget. Similarly, small companies and big organizations plan their marketing budget. It is wise to have an idea of how much you can spend, for example – the budget may not have or may have room for branded sway promo products like stress balls or branded T-shirts.

Be creative and you can certainly find a great way to save money on exciting giveaways.

Choose an ideal giveaway 

When you choose an item like reusable tote bags, which looks appealing with your brand logo consumers, will possibly use it for around 11+ months. It means your custom eco bag will be seen by hundreds when it is used to carry anything from lunch to groceries to knitting essentials. For budget-friendly promo items visit the link!

Many other promo items cost less than $1 including –

  • Stress relievers – Choose customized shapes like a hockey puck, globe or an apple.
  • Pencils – People use pencils ranging from wood to mechanical for marking score-sheet or jotting notes daily.
  • Sunglasses – Sunglasses are a must for sunny days. They make great birthday return gifts or wedding favors.
  • Lip balm – There are more than 100 styles and flavors to choose from. Everyone uses lip balm to avoid cracked and dry lips. Some are even available with SPF protection.
  • Cups – From a variety of classic colors, stadium cups are great to enjoy a nice brew or drink water. Customers are always reminded about your brand when they enjoy a drink.
  • Pens – Pens are customizable from style to ink color and everyone needs it for writing.
  • Sticky note pads – You can choose from many unique shapes and bright colors. They are great to make quick reminder notes at the office and home.
  • Hand sanitizers – A perfect giveaway, which can keep your consumers satisfied and healthy!

There are hundreds of giveaway options that cost less, which will be appreciated by the recipients.

Choose simple design

A multi-colored design on the front, as well as the back of your promo items, can increase the cost. Stick to white or black for brand logo and limit print details so that it fits on the item’s single side. You can even choose to go for full-color imprint rather than multi-colors. Thus, extra cost is avoided!

Plan ahead 

The shipping cost of promo items can make a huge difference if it is planned and ordered in advance. It eliminates the need to pay extra for the speedy shipping.

Buy in bulk 

Buying bulk promo items means you get a discount per product and even save on shipping costs. You can use them all around the year, whenever you see an opportunity.

Which industries can gain from affordable promotional products?

Every type of industry can gain from affordable giveaways. Small businesses on a tight budget can increase their brand awareness exposure for fewer dollars. Non-profit organizations operate on donations, so with cheap promo items they can convey powerful messages associated with their mission.

Non-public schools depend on tuition fees and enrollment to earn income. Affordable promo items like backpacks or pencils are beneficial to keep enrollment numbers growing.

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