Differences between Dedicated Server Hosting and Shared Hosting

Differences between Dedicated Server Hosting and Shared Hosting


Many start-up companies choose shared hosting for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is the cost. With a limited budget, shared hosting is usually the best place to start for many people. Over time, the business grows and the traffic on the website also increases. This makes shared hosting the USA unreliable because, among other things, it can take longer to load the website. At this point, an upgrade becomes a necessity, and one of the most common goals is to use USA dedicated server hosting.

There are several differentiation between these two most commonly used web hosting solutions.

Shared or personal IP address: All websites that are hosted on a shared server have an identical IP address. Although each website has a personal and different domain name, it is known that the common IP address causes problems with the website for the search engines. On the other hand, dedicated server hosting has a unique IP address. Only the hosted website is known under the IP address. This protects the websites from penalties that can be imposed jointly on websites that are hosted on a shared server. 

Server Administration:

If server management is a big deal for you, consider a managed dedicated hosting service. In this case, the web hosting provider takes over the task of server administration. Server management is also a common site problem. In this case, the data servers cannot manage the server. Instead, the client has to take over the core points of the server administration.

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Company Type:

The USA dedicated server is the right choice for comparatively small businesses. The server is in a remote center and is out of your physical access. Dedicated hosting is suitable for customization, which means that you optimize it during order processing. In this way, your server integrates the functions for your specific purposes and nothing else. From this point of view, an adapted dedicated server is in most cases good value for money.

If you really need easy physical access to your server, the shared location of the server is a preferred choice over dedicated hosting. Switching to this option is the right step if you have overwhelming business requirements and need to meet them fully and to perfection. This feature is very useful when the server fails or during an operating system reload or application software installation. The degree of accessibility to the server’s shared location depends on the amount of rack space you have purchased and the location where you want it to be in the same location.

In conclusion, we can only take into account the fact that both options are a miracle for your own hosting needs and perform excellently. In between, dedicated hosting is a cheaper choice. However, if you need more than enough, choose the server’s shared location. Onlive Server offers a powerful hosted Hyper-V and Windows Server 2008 R2 based on virtual servers. The platform is not dependent on the individual servers that work when the virtual server is automatically moved to the server equipment.

Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers

Corporate websites and even smaller websites often require the entire resources of one server, in some cases multiple servers. This is necessary to optimize the performance of a website for its users. Managing websites, hosting, and choosing the best hosting option is hard to figure out. First and foremost, there is a choice between two approaches – dedicated hosting or virtual hosting.

Let’s take a look at dedicated hosting.

A USA dedicated server allows a client to rent physical server space from a hosting service provider and have full access and control over the resources offered by the physical server without having to share space with other users like shared hosting. This type is great for business or corporate websites that use a lot of web traffic, websites that host corporate CMS websites, and very high-CPU applications.


Dedicated servers offer the user fully dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, etc. In short, this means that resources are not shared and therefore performance is improved complete control over the physical server compared to a virtual server that most often hosts other virtualized machines or servers


Dedicated servers are more expensive in terms of usage and maintenance costs

Hardware maintenance limits downtimes, since all work can only be carried out during the window assigned by the hosting provider a virtual private hosting server is a type of web hosting that uses software that emulates multiple servers on a single virtual host. This type of hosting treats each website as if it were on a separate computer and enables complete independence. Virtual hosting servers offer customers a third option between shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans.

As With Dedicated Hosting, There Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages.


Rapid scalability, such as adding resources such as disk space and storage, is possible because the server is not a physical unit. If a hosting service has technical issues or connectivity issues, it can be moved to another virtual server to reduce downtime. Measures to restore backups and restore disasters can also be carried out without any problems.

Much Lower Cost Compared To Dedicated Hosting Servers

Hardware maintenance issues and downtime do not occur on a virtual private server because the server can be cloned or moved to another host.


In many cases, virtual private servers use the resources of a single computer, which means that the aspect of sharing arises. Many business requirements dictate the use of USA dedicated server hosting to meet compliance and data security standards. Therefore, virtual servers are considered far less than 100% dedicated.

The best way is to choose and weigh the options to determine which one meets current and future requirements.

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