Free Bitcoins for dummies

Free Bitcoins for dummies


Bitcoins are the cryptocurrency which is developed to bring equality to all the currency. No, they are not real-time currency but, can be replaced by the real currency.

Are they safe?

They are as safe as the online trading. They have their own script for the transaction, they provide unique and separate wallet address for the users and they don’t operate under any state laws or control.

How to buy them?

There are a lot of exchanges which are offering bitcoins in the place of any country’s currency. But the best way to earn a bitcoin is by mining them from the web. One can also earn bitcoins by completing tasks or work online. There are also web pages which are providing free Bitcoin in exchange to increase their trafficking rate.

How to use them?

Bitcoins, the digital currency is used for anything and everything an real time money can buy. But most of the people who are using the bitcoins will use them as an investment option in online or buy shares of any company.

Are they risk-free?

The real answer to this question is we don’t know. Nobody knows about it, even the real-time currency is not safe in the banks which are known for those security and safety measures. No online exchangers can give hacker free guarantee as no back can give steal proof guarantee.

How are they stored?

When one is entering into the bitcoin world, they are provided with a key and address to their own account or wallets as we call. The bitcoins that are earned will be secured in here and will be available for anytime exchange.

What is the acceptance rate?

Though there is a lot of opposition to the centralization of currency using the Bitcoin.  It is still growing and surely will achieve its target, centralization of the economy.

Who will buy them?

These bitcoins can be used in the exchanging the currency from the exchangers. There are also peer to peer transaction which is famous among the merchants and a lot of organizations.

How to create a wallet?

An online wallet can be created by providing the email id and the verification of it. There is not much more work in creating a wallet. The original work begins when exchanging the bitcoins which are also made easier by a lot of exchangers apps specifically developed for the bitcoin lovers.

Though the development of bitcoins faced a lot of problems which includes hacking and others, they are still considered as most favorable currency by millions and millions of people across the world. So, the era of bitcoins will begin soon bringing a full stop to the decentralisation of money.

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