Six Essential Things to Know Before You Hire a Hydrovac

Six Essential Things to Know Before You Hire a Hydrovac


Hydrovac refers to a hydro excavation truck. Initially, constructors used traditional excavation methods to dig around. However, these methods cause property damage and environmental pollution. In 2017, an excavation led to over 400000 accidents and 22 deaths in North America.

We are now in a trenchless technology era as the globe gravitates towards environmental conservation. Trenchless technology is a construction method that requires few or no continuous trenches. It is used to install and repair underground cables and pipes with a need for excavation. However, it requires specialized equipment.  This is where the hydro excavation trucks come in handy.

How it Works 

If you have used hydrovac before, you probably know how it works. For starters, the truck uses high-pressure water to soften and loosen the ground and remove it through a high-volume vacuum. A truck-mounted tank collects the debris for safe disposal in a segregated site. Diamond T Solids Control hydrovac trucks are can handle any excavation work.

Uses of Hydro Excavation Truck

Hydrovac trucks are used to handle a whole range of jobs. Contractors endear them because they reduce property destruction, pollution, and workers’ accident risks.

  • Deep excavation
  • Repair of pipeline and utility networks
  • Sewer clearance
  • Maintenance of rail tracks

Important Considerations When Choosing a Hydro Excavation Truck

As mentioned, hydrovac trucks are highly versatile equipment that do varying jobs, including digging potholes. In addition, they can work on any terrain, which makes them highly sought. They are safer and more efficient than conventional mechanical methods. However, there are essential things you need to consider when hiring hydrovac equipment.

Here are the most crucial considerations.

Job Application

What jobs do you want to accomplish? Hydrovac trucks come with different designs, with each configuration suited for a specified task. Ensure the selected truck meets your excavation needs.

Soil Condition 

Some locations have rocky soil, while others have soft clay soil. Some pressure jetters work more efficiently in certain soil types than others. When choosing a Diamond T Solids Control hydro excavation truck, ensure you consider this factor.

The Tank Capacity 

High tank capacity reduces machine downtime. You don’t have to keep pausing the operations to refill the tank.

Modern Technology

Modern technologies make excavation tasks easier. If you’re working on a heavy-duty job, ensure you choose a truck fitted with high water pressure systems typically above 4000 PSI. The technology design should work best for your jobs. For instance, oil and gas work might not work well for pipeline work.

Depth of the Excavation

Depth of the excavation is also an important consideration. A deep excavation requires a blower that can match the lift. Ensure the truck has a good height if you’re dumping it in a truck container, and the truck can control the debris.

Dumpsite Location

Debris is dumped in a designated area to conserve the environment. How long is the location from the construction site? A small container is not suitable for a dumpsite miles away from the construction site.

Final Note

Do you have trenchless excavation projects? This job definitely requires top-notch hydrovac trucks. Diamond T Solids Control equipment are designed with safety and quality in mind. Choosing suitable trenchless excavation equipment will give you the best results.

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