Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A PDF Converter

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A PDF Converter


With the advancement of technology, we have received a file system called PDF, which lets us save any information digitally. After a few years, technology proves yet again that progress is a ceaseless process when a tool called PDF converter is developed. As suggested by the name, you may have figured out by now that its elementary function is to convert PDF to Word or any other format.

However, that is not where its set of advantages run out. Therefore, with the help of a few of its advantages and general features, we have compiled a list of characteristics that will assist you in choosing the best PDF converter for you but employee tracking is better.

Is it OCR supported?

Optical Character Recognition is a newly developed technology that enables a PDF to identify the text or the images inside its file. This way, handwritten notes can also be recognized and turned into a machine-typed copy without having to rewrite it again on the computer.

One of its more professional uses lies in the conversion of images or texts into encrypted codes.

How fast can it process the file?

Would you want to wait for an hour after you upload your file for compression or conversion from PDF to Word?

We guess not. Therefore, one of the deciding factors while choosing your PDF converter must be the amount of time it takes the software to process your document. It usually depends on the file size and the performance of the server, but all of this can be sped up if you choose the right software.

In any case, you must remember that the more elite you want your features to be, the larger a price you would have to pay for that.

How many formats can it support?

If you choose a PDF converter, would you want one that allows you to access only a couple of formats, or would you like to go for the one with limitless options?

We thought so. Hence, before you make your decision to purchase a tool as such, be certain to take a look at the number of available formats.

Can you multitask with this tool?

Several times, you will find yourself in a situation where you have to convert many files together due to time-crunch. This is usually known as batch conversion.  Now, would you have to wait until the current file finishes converting to upload the next or the rest of the files?

That might be the case with a few free conversion tools, but if you look hard enough, you will come across several applications that let you run batch conversions.

Would it be compatible with your device?

You will find the details for each software in the tool’s ‘About Me’ section. Go through that profile and only download the application if it seems to be compatible with your device.

In the current scenario, the most preferred conversion tools are available in both Windows and Mac versions, but it wouldn’t hurt to check once more.

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