3 Budget-friendly plans for Vodafone Idea users

3 Budget-friendly plans for Vodafone Idea users


With work from home becoming the norm in recent times, budget-friendly plans have become a necessity today. Vodafone Idea is offering some attractive deals with its new prepaid plans. You have quite a few Vodafone Idea recharge options if you are looking for budget options. However, it depends on your requirements. Do you want to use your data to browse the Internet or work from your home? Do you want to use it for your social media platforms? Or do you want to upload content or stream videos? Here are some of the plans that you can buy.

  • Rs. 149 plan – If you do not use a lot of mobile data, this is a great budget plan. This Vodafone Idea recharge plan originally offered 2 GB of data for the whole month. However, that has changed recently. With Vi offering more data at the same rates, it has given users a reason to keep using this network, if not switch to it. The plan is valid for 28 days. This plan is useful for people who have a broadband connection or have limited data usage. When it comes to talktime, Vi offers unlimited calls through this plan. A maximum of 300 SMS can be sent for free.
  • Rs. 219 plan – If you require a moderate amount of data every day, you should check out Rs. 219 plan from Vi. The 219 Vodafone Idea recharge will offer you a daily data cap of 1 GB. The plan is valid for 28 days. This plan will offer you a truly unlimited talktime. Currently, you can get 2 GB of extra data with this plan if you recharge through the app. The plan has additional benefits too. You would get a daily discount of Rs. 75 on Zomato. You will even get an assured cash bonus of Rs. 125 from MPL.  This plan allows you to send 100 SMS every day for free.
  • Rs. 449 plan – If you would like to enjoy high data limits within your budget, The Vodafone Idea recharge of Rs. 449 is the best bet. This plan is valid for 56 days and offers 4 GB of the daily data cap. That is a lot, no doubt. This plan originally offered 2 GB/day but this is a recent offering from Vodafone. Also, the plan offers unlimited talktime. You would even be able to send 100 SMS every day. This plan also offers additional benefits. The offers from Zomato and MPL are available with this plan too. However, if the plan seems too much, you can get try out the Airtel Payments Bank platform. You will get some cashback in the act.

If you are looking for budget-friendly mobile recharge, these are the best options from Vodafone. Every user has different data needs. These three options have been listed in the order of increasing data needs. However, if you do not have any data requirements, you can Vodafone idea mobile recharge with Rs. 95. You will get a validity of 56 days, a talktime of Rs. 74 and 200 MB of data.

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