4 Effective Tips for Your Postcard Marketing Campaign

4 Effective Tips for Your Postcard Marketing Campaign


Every business needs to consider postcards in their marketing campaign. They have been known to offer excellent response rates and opportunities for exploring creativity. On top of that, they are cheaper to produce, and most likely, you will get a return on your investment. If you have just started using plastic postcards for your business, here are a few effective tips to note.

Identify Your Audience

Customers are not the same, meaning you should break them down based on their interests, characteristics, and behaviors. Once you have grouped them, you can reach them with relevant information depending on their needs and preferences. That means you will also need a mailing list to reach the right audience.

Determine Your Budget

Before you get into designing the postcard, first determine your budget. Every company needs to set aside a significant amount of its budget for marketing. With a marketing budget, you will know how much to spend on postcard campaigns. Luckily, postcards are not that costly. Depending on size, quantity, graphics, mail class, and paper stock, you can spend from around a few cents to a dollar on one recipient.

Set Your Marketing Goals

Marketing goals need to be specific, relevant, attainable, measurable, and timely. Therefore, when coming up with a postcard campaign, choose the goal you want to achieve. You can use it to introduce a new product, attract new customers, generate leads, provide a discount or drive repeat business. Either way, make sure you are clear on what you want to achieve with your postcard.

Include a Clear Call To Action

Clear and concise calls to action like ‘act today’ or ‘sign up now for a discount’ can help you generate leads. You only have a few seconds and limited space to say what you want. Make it count. These steps can help your postcard campaign be effective. Ensure your postcard is well designed with clear information that potential customers understand quickly.

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