Some Essential Features to  Look for in Singapore Web Hosting Service

Some Essential Features to Look for in Singapore Web Hosting Service


With the world becoming more and more digital and connected, businesses are changing their marketing strategies to adapt to the technological developments. A unique website design and content can help attract a lot of visitors, but it is only if your website is active and easily accessible.  A good web hosting provider can help individuals and businesses to have their websites online and viewed by the audience. If your business is based in Singapore, and if you want to launch your website globally, you need a suitable Singapore web hosting provider who can offer you the best feature-packed hosting plans.

There are innumerable web hosting companies in Singapore, which help businesses reach their target audience across the world. Nevertheless, to run a website successfully, you need to invest in dependable web hosting service. How would you choose the right one when there are a lot of them online? Here are some essential features that you need to look for to zero in on a suitable web host.

High website speed

The speed at which your website loads on the Internet matters a lot. Ifyour prospective customers want to visit your website, click on it and find that ittakes a long time to load, there are high chances of losing much traffic and leads that can be converted into sales. There are best hosting providers that can handle even e-commerce sites, which are data-intensive and work on high-speed loading of webpages.

When deciding on a hosting provider in Singapore, check for the load speed and server response time to avoid any website jamming. As Singapore, among a few others, is known for the fastest Internet, you will not have much problem in finding service with high speeds.

Average Uptime

Singapore has many web hosting companies offering the best uptimes in the world. Most of them offer an average uptime of 99.99 percent, and a few of them have been successful enough in offering the best average uptime for about one or two years. Moreover, the server response speeds are also found to be impressive.

Storage space and bandwidth

The amount of space available to store your files on a server is another important feature to consider. For that, the type of your business and the content that you want to have on your website decides the storage space and bandwidth. When you choose a web host, it is important to check if it can accommodate your needs. There are companies that offer web-hosting plans with higher disk space and unlimited data transfer at affordable prices.

High-level security

Any virus or malware attack can cripple your website, and therefore, it should be adequately protected. Engaging aSingapore web hosting provider will help shield your website against cyberattacks, hacks andmalware attacks and DDoS, which can damage your business credibility. Moreover, they also provide Application Security, Network Security and Bot Defence Security by implementing A.I. Sentry.

Web hosting plans

Finding a suitable web-hosting plan with all the required features is a task, which requires some research. There are leading web hosts that offer the most affordable hosting plans in Singapore. You can find basic plans offered from $11 with a disk space of 15 GB, 10 email accounts, 5 websites and unlimited data transfer, while the premium ones offer 100 GB disk space, 60 email accounts, 30 websites and unlimited data transfer for about $70 – $100.

Backup plan

A hosting plan should also include 4/7 backup and recovery service so that you can protect your business’ valuable information.

Customer Support

In business, you can hardly predict when something will go wrong; perhaps, at the worst time. With websites or servers, the chances of having issues are very high. A perfect Singapore web hostingcompany is available 24/7 on email, chat or phone to attend any issues.

Most of the features explained are important to help you find a right web hostingprovider for your business website.

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