4 Tips on Becoming a Real Estate Investor

4 Tips on Becoming a Real Estate Investor


Do you dream of making a fortune in the real estate business? It’s not a way to get rich quickly, but you can make money and provide a secure future for yourself and your family by investing in real estate. But you will have to be wise about the steps you take. Here are some tips on becoming a real estate investor.

Don’t Invest Until You’re Ready

Depending on the type of investment you choose, it could be a year or more before you see a return on your investment. Stefan Soloviev recommends that you build sufficent capital before starting on any investment, money that you won’t need in a crisis. Set aside at least ten percent of your net income each month until you’ve saved enough to live on for six months. After that, start saving money for your real estate investments.

That way, you’ll have money for an emergency and won’t have to sell your investment early and potentially lose money.

Start Small

Everyone makes mistakes starting out, so when you begin, start small. If you invest a large amount and then make a mistake, it could spell financial disaster.  With small investments, you lose little and have room to learn from your mistakes. As you get better at investing, you’ll be able to take on larger investments.

Find a Niche

Spread your wealth thinly on a lot of areas you know nothing about, and you could lose a bundle. Instead, focus on one small area in which you can learn to do well. Invest in residential homes, for example, or apartment buildings where you become an expert in that particular field.

Choose Between Active or Passive Investing

If you prefer to be hands-on with your investments and don’t mind dealing with difficult renters, consider being an active real estate investor. As an active investor, you’ll do the remodeling yourself or act as your own property management company. It’s more work, but you’ll see a larger return on your investment.

As a passive real estate investor, on the other hand, you pay someone else to do the work. Depending on the type of passive investment you choose, the company doing the work takes out a small percentage either each month or once a year. The rest is going to you. Although you make less, passive real estate investments are safe, relatively stress-free ways to earn money on real estate.

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