5 instant Personal Loan hacks to know before applying

5 instant Personal Loan hacks to know before applying


Life is long, and so is the list of aspirations. However, you require enough capital to meet your expenses, including necessities and luxuries. As time goes by, they become costlier and cross your budget. In such cases, you can always turn to banks for financial help, especially with most of them going digital.

A Personal Loan is ideal for covering all your financial needs, such as paying medical and electricity bills, school,and college fees, etc. You can apply for it without exhausting your savings or compromising on requirements. Whether you face unexpected or urgent expenses, you can get immediate assistance.


Since these Loans are unsecured, you need not pledge collateral. You get them with a simple online application process once you open a Savings Account with the bank. The documentation is minimal, and you can skip the struggle to obtain instant cash. Moreover, there are no limitations on the number of transactions allowed. Before applying, know these hacks:

Evaluate financial needs

Firstly, evaluate your financial requirements and purpose for applying for Personal Loans. Take a pen and paper and assess the urgency, finances, repayment schedule, and tenure per your capacity. Ensure you are financially healthy to manage the weight with other expenses. Your income should be sufficient to repay the borrowing on time. Assess your existing budget, debts, and other financial commitments.

Conduct research

Multiple Loan schemes are available in India. You must conduct thorough research to analyse what banksoffer and what fits your needs. Before selecting the bank, check the interest rates, tenures, repayment options, processing fees, and terms and conditions.

Good financial health

Reviewing your income sources is one way to know your financial situation. You must have a steady income source to get instant approval on the Banking app. Ensure you have a decent credit score to repay the debt on time. Maintain a good account balance and be financially stable to get faster approval.

Wait before reapplying

If your request does not receive approvalon the first attempt, you can always reapply for it after six months. However, you must avoid making too many enquiries as it reduces your credit score. Until then, evaluate your financial needs and research other options for obtaining money.

Use the calculator

Calculate the equated monthly instalment amount using the EMI calculator on the app by entering values like the Loan amount, tenure, and interest rate to get instant results, a pie chart for reference, and to understand the amount breakup.

Application procedure

A Bank Personal Loan is a convenient method to get immediate funds in challenging situations. Log on to the app, check the eligibility criteria, collect the documents, fill in the details, and receive an email upon approval and disbursal.

It is a multi-purpose Loan, allowing you to use the amount to fulfil any legitimate need without question. For instance, you can finance weddings, consolidate debts, pay for children’s education, buy a house or vehicle, etc.

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