Boost your internet speed with these simple tips

Boost your internet speed with these simple tips


There has been a surge in the usage of the internet in the recent past, primarily because of the advancement of technology and the current corona pandemic. These have seen many individuals works, study or conduct meeting from the comfort of their houses. Besides the ordinary disruption and distraction from activities at home, another greatest challenge many are experiencing is poor internet connectivity. It takes about three seconds of delay before a person’s blood starts boiling out of frustrations caused by poor internet connectivity. Having a reliable internet service such as internet service Easton is an essential asset for a person who considers home as a class, office, or movie theater because of the current corona situation in the world. However, slow internet occurs more frequently than one can expect, and these simple steps may help when you experience such inconveniences. These include;

Installing a malware scanner

A malware or virus may put a massive drag on the speed of your internet. Thus, it is best to buy antivirus or a malware scanner from well-known software and internet service providers. This will scan and delete all the malware and viruses in your computer.

Clear cache plugins

Installing a clear cache plugin will help you get rid of tracker and cookies. When you don’t clear the cache, the data is accumulated and affects the internet speed.

Block ads 

Ads, when too many, they slow the speed of your internet connection. To increase the internet speed, you can block or restrict them.

Data limit 

Sometimes your internet may be slow because you have exceeded the data limit cap you had put as an internet management strategy. When such limits are exceeded, the internet service provider tends to restrict the speed of the internet. You can adjust the limit or do away with it.

Other tips for increasing your internet speed include; using cabled internet, resetting, and adjusting your rooter.

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