Coding without having to code

Coding without having to code


Technology keeps improving and keeps being more accessible. And now it has come so far that you can create your own software or application without coding skills or knowledge. This is called low-code/no-code development and is ready for you to give it a try! How you can use it for your own good or that of your company you can read in our blog.

The slight difference between no-code and low-code

The process is called low-code/no-code and that’s for a reason. Within the technology there is a distinction to be made between no coding at all and a little bit of coding. This gives you the opportunity to start off from scratch without any coding knowledge, or to start off on a slightly higher level if you already now a bit about coding.

Online platforms

Of course the low-code/no-code platforms can be found online, but there is a lot to choose from. Be sure to decide a trustworthy platform like, as an example, Fizor. they need a platform with pre-set blocks you’ll use to make the app yourself. this manner of committal to writing can prevent time and cash. On high of that you simply can after all be gift for each step within the method, whereas if you choose to source it, you’re betting on some other person. this manner you’ll intervene whenever necessary.

Drag and drop operate

To make it easier for you there’s a haul and drop operate with within the low-code/no-code platforms. this manner you’ll simply add or take away no matter you prefer. once finishing your project you’ll simply implement your self-built app in your company and connect them to alternative applications and package.

Want some help?

Do you need to begin with the low-code/no-code creation of your package or application, however you wish some help? Take a glance at the web site of as an example Fizor. you’ll simply contact their specialists on-line to raise all you queries regarding low-code/no-code. they’re happy to assist you and your company out!

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