Easy and simple ways to get your Fastag fast

Easy and simple ways to get your Fastag fast


In India, Fastag has become mandatory. Fastag is similar to Vignettes in other parts of the world where toll passes need to be stuck at a specific location. In India, Fastags are introduced to reduce the traffic congestion on Toll plazas. Fastags are RFID tags (Radio frequency identification) that automate the process of ticket collection. Thus, it eliminates the need for one-by-one ticket allocation, which can sometimes become troublesome. Fastag in India can easily be purchased. Here is our guide to find how to get Fastag easily and quickly.

There are many benefits of Fastag, like it saves fuel and time as the waiting time is reduced. You don’t have to carry any cash or wait to get the loose change. Fastag is very beneficial for the people who regularly travel, especially office goers who need to commute daily at peak hours. You can easily recharge your prepaid Fastag account using your smartphone through net banking, credit/debit card, UPI, etc.

How to get Fastag?

The simplest way to get Fastag is via your bank or any digital payment app or websites like Paytm or Airtel Payments Bank. You will need to upload the number of your vehicle along with the registered ID proof. Once you have submitted all the required documents and made the payment, the tag will be delivered to your address.

How to get Fastag immediately?

You can get Fastag immediately by visiting the nearby toll booth. Most of the banks and payment sources have created their temporary booths there so that they can sell the tags to the people. You will need to give your vehicle details to the representative along with the registration certification of the vehicle and ID proof.

Can you have two fastag for one vehicle?

Fastags are connected to the registration number of the vehicle, so you can only have one fastag for one vehicle. You should also be careful not to put one tag multiple times as it can invite fine from the authorities.

How to fit Fastag on the car?

Fastag has one sticker that you need to stick on the windshield from inside. The best location is to stick it in the middle behind the inside rear-view mirror. No one can temper or remove the tag once it’s affixed.

How to recharge Fastag?

You can easily make payments for Fastag recharge digitally using your bank account or other payments application. You just have to fill in the registration number of the vehicle. Once you have done Fastag recharge online, you will get an update on your mobile number. The easiest way to recharge your Fastag is by using Airtel Payments Bank. All the transactions done for Airtel Fastag are secure and fast. You can also make electricity bill payment and other utility bills using Airtel Payments Bank.

Fastag is the beginning of automated payment systems, which are needed today to manage the traffic on the toll plazas. Now you know everything about Fastag, so it’s time that you get it for your vehicle.

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