5 simple tips to make the best use of a banking app for credit cards

5 simple tips to make the best use of a banking app for credit cards


Mobile technology plays a crucial role in our lives, and are responsible for various changes in our day to day lives. One of the areas where mobile phones have brought in dramatic changes is in dealing with money. The introduction of mobile banking apps has eased most of our financial transactions. You don’t have to visit a bank for any services; they are now brought to your doorstep through the banking app. Among various services, a bank credit card is one of the most important ones offered to customers.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers various types of credit cards suitable for different purposes. Some of them are FIRST Millennia, FIRST Classic, FIRST Select and FIRST Wealth. All these offer benefits like no annual charges, low monthly interest rates, no rewards redemption fee, never expiring reward points, etc. IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking App helps you conduct your credit card transactions sitting in the comfort of your home. Here are a few tips to help you use the banking app for credit cards in a better way.

1. Apply for a suitable IDFC FIRST Bank credit card

Banks offer credit cards to eligible customers. Using a credit card, you can shop for any personal or household products or services and pay later. A credit card helps you get instant cash through withdrawals from ATM during emergency.

IDFC FIRST Bank through its mobile banking app helps you apply for a credit card by providing your basic details such as your name (as given on the Aadhaar Card), date of birth and mobile number. After an OTP verification, you can proceed further.

Once you aredone with the verification, you have to provide your personal details and upload supporting documents. To start using your card, you can activate credit card net banking by registering it on a banking app or online.

2. Pay credit card bills without any delay

With the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, you can pay your credit card bills on time easily and quickly. The mobile app platform allows you to use the NEFT or BHIM UPI to pay securely. The app also enables you to set up credit card bills and initiate an Autopay to pay the entire amount in one transaction or make an adhoc paymentsgiving the amount and frequency of payments.

3. Redeem rewards

With every IDFC FIRST Bank credit card, you earn superior rewards if you spend incrementally up to a certain amount. For instance, you earn 10X reward points or 6X or 3X reward points on incremental or online & in-store spends respectively on the FIRST Select credit cards. You can redeem these reward points to pay for your purchases or pay with points.

4. Avail current offers

Depending on the type of a card, your IDFC FIRST Bank credit card offers various benefits such as attractive discounts on shopping, movies, or dining, complimentary airport lounge access, in-app online discounts, complimentary rounds of golf, etc. You can avail all these offers through a mobile banking app, which is also called a credit card app.

5. Generate your credit card PIN

You can generate your credit card PIN on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app by going to the credit card section and selecting the ‘Set new PIN’ option. Then, enter the PIN and re-enter it and get the OTP for verification.

The mobile banking app of IDFC FIRST Bank app is also a credit card app that helps manage your credit card transactions effectively.

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