How to use an inflation calculator to plan for the future?

How to use an inflation calculator to plan for the future?


It’s not easy to predict the future, but everyone tries to do it in their own way. Some simply save money, some invest in stocks, and others may plan their retirement with mutual funds. But one of the most important aspects of planning for the future is factoring in inflation.

Inflation affects every aspect of people’s lives, and it can significantly impact your future financial plans. If you don’t calculate inflation when planning your finances, you could easily fall short of your financial goals. This is where using an inflation calculator can be helpful.

An inflation calculator is an online tool that helps you determine the future value of your money by taking inflation into account. It considers factors like the initial investment amount, investment years, and the expected inflation percentage to calculate the projected future value. With inflation calculators, you can have more control over your finances, leading to long-term financial success; let’s find out how.

  • You can understand the future value of your investments

An inflation calculator helps estimate the true value of your money over time. Suppose you invest Rs. 10 lakhs today for ten years with an inflation rate of 5%. In that case, an inflation calculator will show you that the future value of your investment is around Rs. 16 lakhs. This means that you need to earn an inflation-adjusted return of 60% to maintain the purchasing power of your initial investment.

  • Helps to estimate your retirement goals

An inflation calculator can be useful in saving money for your retirement. You can set a goal to save a certain amount for retirement and estimate what that amount would be worth in the future through an inflation calculator. By adjusting your retirement savings with inflation, you can ensure that you have adequate savings to support your post-retirement lifestyle.

For instance, if you plan to retire after 20 years with a goal of Rs 1 crore, an inflation rate calculator would allow you to factor in inflation over the next 20 years and determine what that amount would be worth then. At a 7% inflation rate, it would be approximately Rs 3.8 crore in 20 years. With this information, you can adjust your investments to inflation in order to increase your earnings potential and ensure that you achieve your retirement goals.

  • You can adjust your investment portfolio accordingly

Investing in stocks, bonds, or even top mutual funds that generate a high return may seem attractive, but it’s essential to consider the effect of inflation on your returns over time. An inflation calculator can help you determine whether your current investment portfolio needs adjustment. Based on its results, you can decide which mutual funds or investments should be considered to reach the target amount.

  • It helps in budgeting and personal finance management

An inflation calculator can be used as a budgeting tool by helping individuals assess what their future expenses may look like based on their current investment amount. The knowledge gained from using an inflation calculator can then be used to adjust budgets accordingly so that individuals don’t end up spending too much or too little during different points in time due to changes in prices and wages due to inflation.


Being knowledgeable about inflation is essential for proper financial planning. Using an inflation calculator lets you understand and calculate future expenses from the present, which is helpful in allocating resources optimally for different financial goals. Remember, when using an inflation calculator, it’s crucial to input accurate information so that results are as close to accurate as possible.

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