Why Should You Compare Term Plans Before Purchasing?

Why Should You Compare Term Plans Before Purchasing?


Term plans or term insurance policy is one of the most assured ways of securing the future of your loved ones. It promises the required financial security in times of adversities or unforeseen circumstances to the family of the deceased policyholder. But, before buying a term plan, it is essential to compare term insurance plans across different insurers.

Why? By comparing term life insurance plans, one can take the right decision and ensure to safeguard the future of their loved ones financially. We, as humans, are very much inclined toward the term ‘affordability’, and one should know how important it is to buy things that are within budget, affordable and can help you save your money.

Moreover, when you start researching, you will find numerous term insurance plans across insurers, which will further make it a bit confusing to finalise it. For example, The InstaProtectterm insurance plan, which is a Tata AIA policy, can be compared with other policies and accordingly, the applicant can make a decision. Apart from this, the applicants can also go for a term plan comparing options online and then buy the one which suits their requirements.

However, we have also listed the reasons why one should compare term insurance plans in India before purchasing. Read more and learn about it in detail.

Why Should You Compare Term Plans Before Purchasing One?

There are several insurance service providers or insurers that provide term life insurance plans. But, it is essential to compare the term policies before buying them. Check out the reasons below:

  • Help in planning premium payment

The premium amount to be paid for the term plan differs. Hence, the applicant should compare all the possible shortlisted term plan policies and check their premium amount. They should also check the premium payout option, i.e., monthly or yearly. By doing so, one can compare and get an insight regarding the premium payment. This will help them in deciding the plan which best suits their situation.

  • Know about the coverage against the policy premium

After comparing the term plans, the applicant will be able to understand the policy that promises a higher amount of coverage in the least or most affordable premium amount. Once the details are furnished, the applicant will be able to decide on the plan he/she can buy.

  • Save time, money and efforts

The applicant will be able to save his/her time, money and efforts By comparing the term plans. These plans can be compared online, and thereafter the applicant can finalise the term insurance policy. Later, the policyholder will not regret the decision he/she has taken.

  • Know about the riders

The addition of riders in the term insurance policy increases the scope of the amount that is covered. Although the premium amount increases, the benefit increases. There are different riders that can be added to the plan. Hence, by comparing the term plans, the applicant will be able to analyse the riders, benefits, and premium amount and thereafter know the overall sum assured.

Tips for Comparing Term Insurance Plan

Now that we know the reason behind comparing term plans, the applicants should also check the tips for comparing term insurance plans. They are given below:

  • Calculate the combined sum assured

Have a check on your financial duties and liabilities; you need to have a coverage amount in your term plan. It can be used to replace one’s family’s income after death. A secure life will be available to the future generation, just as it was earlier.

  • Find riders

Riders will help you find the actual value of the term insurance plan. Get a comparison done between riders, too, to find the most appropriate one.

  • Choose the best type of term plan

Evaluate all available options according to your own needs, and look for the best benefits it can provide you with that fit into your needs category. Compare the specific type and get the best policy.

  • Compare insurance policy

There is always a way of comparison; focus more on the benefits and prices on both sides of the panel. See which one has more benefits, and your pocket also allows you to buy one.

  • Use a Term Insurance Premium Calculator

A term insurance calculator is one of the best ways to calculate term premium value within seconds. All you need to do is input the required details and get an estimated value of the sum to be assured, premium amount and term.


It is always essential to have your life secured beforehand, but only making things for your future generation is one side of the story. Saving money before buying is the other half! Make a detailed comparison and then choose the best term plan. Do not opt for a cheaper one. Opt for an affordable one that is also providing you numerous benefits, and make sure that it does what it claims to be!

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