How to become a part-time consultant on money matters.

How to become a part-time consultant on money matters.


Financial planning is critical to achieve one’s life goals. It acts as a guide in a person’s journey in life. If you are good in helping people manage their financial requirements, or getting necessary funds to meet an emergency, you have an opportunity to work as a part-time consultant representing banks.

People look for financial assistance in the form of instant loans, but the market is flooded with public and private financial institutions, offering personal loans. Finding the right bank is not easy, and here comes the need for a financial advisor, who can help them choose a suitable personal loan with flexible terms and competitive interest rates.

Anyone who is passionate about providing information or sharing knowledge about financial products of a bank and can put some effort doing networking can work as a money advisor. IDFC FIRST Bank offers an excellent opportunity to people to become a part-time consultant referring people for personal loans. With the My First Partner App you can become a referral partner of the bank for its financial products.

Here’s what you have to do to become an independent financial advisor of the bank.

1. Join as a part-time money advisor with IDFC FIRST Bank

If you are over 18 years and a citizen of India, you can become a referral partner. IDFC FIRST Bank wants you to register your name with the My FIRST Partner App by providing:

  • A copy of your recent photo
  • A scanned copy of your PAN Card
  • Personal details such as your name, address and date of birth
  • A scanned copy of your Aadhaar card, voter ID or passport for address proof
  • Your bank account details

To confirm you have to verify the OTP sent to your mobile phone. Once done, you start getting referrals for a personal loan immediately.

2. Build your referral network

You generally come across people who look for some advice on acquiring a suitable loan to meet an emergency. When you are in social circles, such people trust you and value your advice. Putting some conscious effort in networking, you can build your referrals. Prepare a list of relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors, who are looking for personal loans for the marriage, renovation of home, hospital expenses and education. With word-of-mouth recommendations, you can tap prospective instant loan applicants.

3. Use My First Partner App to help people apply for a personal loan

You can get yourself recognized as one of the best financial advisors by helping people avail a personal loan on the most suitable terms and competitive interest rates. By filling in the basic information, you can get the loan amount approval. A relationship manger will get in touch with the customer on receiving a completed loan application, and extend complete support and assistance in getting the personal loan

4. Get paid for each disbursement

You are rewarded for your financial advice through a payment of certain amount on the loan amount disbursed. You may also become eligible for some exciting rewards.

It’s time you use this opportunity and become a financial advisor for your friends or relatives and help them avail IDFC FIRST Bank’s instant personal loans.

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